Dr. Horrible Sequel May Be A Feature Film

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Speaking of health care, here's one doctor that's unaffected.  This is awesome:

Doctor_Horrible_BannerA feature film sequel to the musical web series "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," which featured stage and screen star Neil Patrick Harris, may be a possibility.

Harris told MTV, "Apparently they're making a 'Dr. Horrible' sequel, a feature film I hope… I hope they cast me in it… We'll see."

Harris added, "I don't know what scale, they're talking all options, because they made the first 'Dr. Horrible' in five days on no budget at all… You don't want to make the feature film be an $80 million giant movie, because it defeats the purpose of what the first film was made to be, but then again you don't want it to be so low brow that it's not worth paying money to see as a movie…I don't think it will be on the internet, I think it will probably be a film."