Cable Snafu In NC Causes Kid’s Channel To Show Playboy Channel

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Time Warner screwed up here in NC, according to USA Today:

For two hours, some young viewers of children's programs in North Carolina also got a glimpse of the Playboy channel, the Charlotte Observer reports.

An equipment glitch early Tuesday at Time Warner Cable beamed previews of adult shows on the Playboy channel into the right corner of the Kids on Demand and Kids Preschools on Demand channels, the paper says.

Melissa Buscher, a spokeswoman for Time Warner, says at least four towns got the mixed signals, while most markets just went black, the papers reports.

She says normal monitor procedures did not kick in because the glitch affected only small areas.

Buscher says the cable operator learned of the problem when parents called to report the mixup, which occurred between 6:14 a.m. 8:15 a.m.

It was not immediately clear whether most parents waited the full two hours before reporting.