Broadcast News Redux

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You know that scene from the movie Broadcast News where Holly Hunter learns that William Hurt's teary interview was actually fabricated, i.e., that he could cry on cue?

Seems like there's a little but of that happening over at Fox News.  From Howard Kurtz, via Kevin Drum, we learn about Glenn Beck's "on-air pyrotechnics":

Some staffers say they have watched rehearsals, on internal monitors, in which Beck has teared up or paused at the same moments as he later did during the show. Asked about this, Balfe responded sharply: "Glenn reacts the same way to issues whether he knows people are watching or not, and is proud to show his emotions, unlike the cowardly, two-faced critics who hide behind anonymity."

Yeah, but reacting the same way in rehearsal and then again moments later when the cameras are rolling?  There's no way to spin this, Balfe.  Glenn Beck's "natural" on-air reactions are staged.