The Stupid — It Hurts

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I've seen a lot like this lately in the form of political cartoons, blog posts, radio rants, tweets and other asides — all from the conservative ranks.

It all comes down to the same thought process: there is a lot of snow; therefore, global warming can't be true.

Messages like this come from people who are either too stupid or too dishonest to be opining on anything.

Do we need to explain this again?  Apparently.  So here I go.  One more time….

It's not "global warming" — it is more accurately called "climate change".  Let's just start there.

And let's consider that there is a difference between climate and weather.  If you don't know the difference, than educate yourself or, shut up.

And even if you want to talk about warming, the snowstorm — and other similar phenomenon — don't negate the premise of climate change.  After all, you know what happens when the oceans heat up, even slightly?  You get more moisture in the air.  You know what happens when you get more moisture in the air?  You get more precipitation.  You know what happens when that precipitation falls in a region that often has many below-32-degree days during the winter?  You get more snow.

I propose that this issue be a litmus test for the stupidity and/or honesty of any particular person or group.  Anyone who thinks the spate of heavy snow is proof against climate change is a person whose opinions are not worth listening to.