Short Takes

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(1)  The Russian curling team is hot.


(2)  Hilary Duff knows how to respond to a marriage proposal (NSFW photos)

(3)  I'm not sure I'm on board with this series of French anti-smoking ads

(4)  What is it with beauty pageant winners from California?: Miss Beverly Hills Thinks God Wants Gays "Put to Death"

(5)  "The Purple Rose of Cairo" + "Splash" = "Enchanted".  Just sayin'.

(6)  The cutest 911 call ever (a five year old saves her father's life… from a few weeks ago)

(7)  Things I like reading: According to a recent study, happiness declines from the teenage years until age 40. It levels off until 46 and then starts to increase until peaking at 74.

(8)  Not that anyone will pay attention, but the non-partisan CBO said that the stimulus lowered the unemployment rate by 2.1% in the 4th quarter of last year, and created 2.1 million jobs. [Source]

(9)  Tufts University, my alma mater, is on the cutting edge: it is allowing prospective students to submit a Youtube video as part of their application.

(10)  Glee is going to the White House for Easter.  (The First Lady and First Kids are fans).

(11)  Snow?  Again?  Seriously?