Jon Stewart Hits Home

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I've known Richard Swett, and at least known the name, for as long as I can remember.  I don't know how I knew him — maybe his family and my family belonged to the same country club back in New Hampshire.

Anyway, when Obama came to New Hampshire recently to conduct a post-State-of-the-Union town hall meeting in Nashua, Richard Swett — who goes by the name Dick Swett — was called upon by the President, and he asked a question.

Apparently, Dick Swett's name is cause for giggles, a point not lost on Jon Stewart, who couldn't believe that Obama didn't do a spit take when Dick mentioned his full name:

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To Stewart's credit, he ended the segment with praise for Dick Swett — praise for having lived 52 years and putting up with all kinds of juvenile jokes from people like, well, Jon Stewart.

Funny, I never realized Dick Swett's name was funny.