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The conservative CPAC is underway.  And although I expected that many of the conservative speakers would be making jokes about Obama's use of a teleprompter (they can't help themselves), I didn't expect this:

Sam Stein of Huff Post tweets that there have now been six teleprompter jokes at the conservative CPAC conference, all read off of teleprompters.


It's not certain if they all read their jokes off the teleprompter, but as the photo shows, the teleprompter is clearly there.  It doesn't look out of place; it's a staple of all political podiums for the past 40 years.

UPDATE:  Perhaps the irony of today’s situation wasn’t lost on all conservatives. On Twitter, the National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez said that she’s had enough of these teleprompter jokes, writing, “I’ve heard at least three teleprompter jokes already. In front of a teleprompter. Godspeed to the man who uses the teleprompter. … My patience may be exhausted for teleprompter jokes. Especially because some has got to be using it.”