Conservative Blogger Finds Proof That Obama Is A Socialist

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According to this blogger, the White House tour guide said that the White House library was stocked by Michelle Obama. 
Connect the dots.  Michelle Obama stocked the White House library with (two? three?) books whose titles refer to socialism – President Obama is therefore a socialist, QED.
Here's the photo:
But seriously, a couple of books about socialism is supposed to mean something?  What about the books on populism?  Doesn't this make Obama a Teabagger?
And by the way, Nathan Glazer, author of the book on Communism depicted on the picture, is a well-known anti-communist intellectual from the original “neoconservative” social/political circle which included Daniel Bell, Irving Kristol, and Patrick Moynihan.
It bears noting that this photo (below) was taken of the White House library when Bush, Jr. was president.
The Autobiography of Malcolm X?  Clearly this means that Bush was a black militant.   Who knew?