When Tiger Woods Needs Brit Hume’s Advice…

Ken AshfordRed Sox & Other Sports, Right Wing and Inept Media, Right Wing Punditry/Idiocy2 Comments

The Tiger Woods story, as I've often said, isn't a news story.  It certainly doesn't warrent a panel discussion on a Sunday morning "news" channel.

And it certainly doesn't require commentary like that offered by Brit Hume, who said this weekend that Tiger Woods isn't going to be made whole until he rejects his religion and accepts the correct religion (Christianity).  Specifically, Hume said:

"The extent to which he can recover seems to me depends on his faith… He is said to be a Buddhist. I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So, my message to Tiger is, 'Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.'"


I love how Hume's comments make Bill Kristol and the other panelists uncomfortable.  Perhaps they, too, are wondering why a senior political analyst for a so-called "news" network proselytizing, on the air, during one of the network's "news" programs.

Welcome to Fox News Ministries.