The Perfect Woman

Ken AshfordRandom Musings1 Comment

Here she is….


Who is she?   Ahhh… wouldn't you like to know.

The truth is, she doesn't exist.  She's a composite. 

Here's a simple composite — you blend Angelina Jolie with Anne Hathway to create a third woman (below):


And what if you kept doing this…. and then blended the composites?  And then blended those composites?

You end up with the perfect woman, supposedly.  Like this (click to embiggen):

What I find interesting about this experiment (h/t: Blame It On The Voices)  is that the final woman actually strikes me as a little bland.  Anne Hathaway's eyes, Angelina Jolie's lips, etc, all get washed out with each successive generation.  Go figure. 

There's a lesson in that, I suppose.