Tea Party Plans Strike: January 20

Ken AshfordObama Opposition1 Comment

NationalStrike2 Uh-oh.  NOW we've done it.

The Tea Party movement is going to show all us libruls that they are here and they mean it, if by "it" we're talking about their general opposition to government, Obama, and America (but not the flag and country music). I guess….

That's right, on January 20 of this year, Tea Partiers everywhere will… well, nobody's quite sure.  "Strike" presumably means they won't show up for work, en masse.  That's a good thing, because now all of us socialist librels can talk openly about them at work without offending them.

No, but seriously… it's not clear how the strike will work.  From the strike's website (yes, it has a website already), this is the most information I can glean relating to what is going to happen on January 20:

On January 20, 2009 tea party groups around the country will work together to direct massive attention to the businesses, in a legal manner, that are the largest supporters of the most liberal members of Congress as well as those that support extreme liberal media outlets that have gone after the citizens represented in the movement. I will not be more specific than that as to the action.

The idea is to focus attention on the supply lines of the far left agenda of taxing everything that moves and cradle to the grave control of our lives.

Going after businesses?  So it sounds like a boycott, which means that they probably should have called it a "boycott", rather than a "strike".  It's not clear who their targets are.  Are they not going to watch Rachel Maddow and MSNBC (like tea parties do already???)

Also, "going after businesses" kind of has that long hair, socialist, hippie protest vibe to it.  Just sayin'.

One gets the sense that maybe the Tea Party organizers are making it up as they go along.

Anyway, somehow the nation will crumble to its knees on January 20, as Tea Partiers take back their country, wresting this great land from the hands of the plurality of voters who voted for change.  Obama will voluntarily relinquish the White House, Democrats will resign in shame, and Ronald Reagan will be re-animated using… well, something really cool I can tell you that.  Mark your calendars.

Pictured above: The American Bald Eagle, with arrows in its talons, uses a shield to crush the laurel leaves (which symbolize peace and socialism and communism and marxism and the kind of tax-and-spend islamic muslimism that Hitler had)

P.S.,  But seriously, someone could get hurt on January 20… and rhetoric like this feeds the flames….

UPDATE:  CNN took up the story and discovered something:

CNN reached out to a number of national Tea Party organizations. While some were aware of the planned strike and some not informed, none said they were going to actively take part in the event.