Is There No End To Stupid Conservative Spin on Haiti?

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Glenn Beck today, speaking of Obama:

BECK: I also believe this is dividing the nation…to where the nation sees him react so rapidly on Haiti and yet he couldn’t react rapidly on Afghanistan. He couldn’t react rapidly on Ft. Hood. He couldn’t react rapidly on our own airplanes with an underwear bomber…it doesn’t make sense. […] Three different events and Haiti is the only one. I think personally that it deepens he divide to see him react this rapidly to Haiti.


See, with Ft Hood, the underwear bomber, and Afghanistan (presumably, the bombing which killed several CIA agents), what was Obama to do?  The events had already happened.  All of the un-exploded passengers in the UndieBombie’s airplane would have remained un-exploded after the failed attack. All of the victims at Ft. Hood who survived received immediate medical care; it’s not as if President Obama could have ordered them to heal faster or anything.

By contrast, with events like Haiti, you have generally 72 hours to recover victims.  Right NOW, there must still be people trapped under the destroyed buildings in Haiti, and thousands of survivors without access to food or medical supplies. It's STILL an emergency situation.

Surely even Glenn Beck's pea-sized brain can figure out the difference.

Beck's premise is faulty.  Polling shows that majorities of Americans approved of Obama’s handling of the Christmas Day plot and that it didn’t divide the country.

In any event, Beck only wishes the nation was divided about this one:

Even conservatives Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham took issue with the Limbaugh-Beck attack. “It’s good that he reacts quickly to Haiti,” O’Reilly said last night on Fox News, later asking Ingraham, “You have no problem with his quick response to Haiti?” “Yeah, no,” she replied.