Top Ten Things That I’m Looking Forward To Seeing In 2010

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(10)  The media trying to tear down some icon, and failing miserably.  "Sully" Sullenberg is my guess.

(9)  Sarah Palin trying to be taken seriously as a political thinker now that she's had some time to crack a few books on the current issues of the day.

(8)  The 2004 Red Sox.  Not the same guys of course.  Just the same outcome.

(7)  Huge improvements in medicine, including a cure for cancer.  Okay, it may be too early yet for a cure for cancer, but given that we will have had a year of stem cell research, I expect to see the beginnings of some medical technology breakthroughs toward the end of 2010.

(6)  Carl Kasell on my home answering machine.  I don't have a home answering machine anymore, but I'd get one just for this.

(5)  A more organized life, and lower numbers on my bathroom scale.  Sigh, don't get me started.  I could say more, but this is as personal as I get on this blog.

(4)  Windows 7 actually being fairly decent.

(3)  The realization by everybody that Andrew Lloyd Webber doesn't automatically get to have his shows on Broadway simply because he's Andrew Lloyd Webber.  "Love Never Dies" (i.e., Phantom of the Opera II) will die.

(2)  The Teabaggers versus The GOP Establishment during the 2010 elections.  Oh, pass the popcorn.

(1)  Glenn Beck's inevitable on-air implosion and meltdown


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