Top Ten Things of 2009 That I Would Like NOT To See in 2010 Thankyouverymuch

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(10)  People getting rewarded for doing bad jobs.  I'm talking mainly Wall Street executives and people who run their company into the ground, then get bailed out by taxpayers, and then get huge bonuses as part of their executive compensation package

(9) People who cannot deal with the fact that Obama is President.  The birth certificate thing has played itself out.  It was funny for a while; now it's just annoying.  Yes, folks — a black man is president.  Deal with it.

(8)  Twitter.  Yeah, I said it.  It's a fad.

(7)  Lady Gaga or any woman "singer" who autotunes and acts outrageous and dresses oddly to hide the fact that she's actually rather talentless.  Remember how big Gwen Stefani was two years ago?  Yeah, me neither.

(6)  Idiots who take firms stands on issues about which they clearly know nothing.


(5)  The media making a two-day story into a three-day story by wondering aloud if they are making too much of the story.  "Tonight on Focusline: Is the media overplaying the Tiger Woods story?  For the next three hours, our panelists will explore this topic in detail…." — Media, here's a tip: when you start asking the question "are we making too much of ____", the answer is a resounding YES.  Move on.

(4)  Celebrity gossip passing as "news".  I like celebrity gossip as much as the next person.  Okay, probably not as much, but I don't hate it.  But it is not news, and you can't call yourself a news organization when more than half your time is devoted to celebrity gossip.

(3)  Inconsistency.  You can't be against something that Obama does when Bush did the very same thing and you applauded it, unless you can make a distinction between the two events.  Period.

(2)  Reality shows that have nothing to do with reality.  Speaks for itself.

(1)  Attention-seekers and those that give them the attention they seek.  OctoMom, Balloon Boy, White House Party crashers, Joe "You Lie" Wilson, Kanye "Imma Let You Finish…" West, etc.


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