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Michael Steele, GOP chairman in Politico:

Over 2.8 million jobs have been lost since President Obama’s began to experiment with his deficit funded stimulus package.

That's like saying that the house continued to burn even after the firemen showed up and opened their hoses on it; therefore, the firemen and the water are at fault.

The truth is that the stimulus has worked and is working.  And who says so?  Three independent financial advisors whose job it is to provide this advice to their clients:


So, to recap…. have jobs been lost since Obama infused the economy with the stimulus?  Sure.  Have fewer jobs been lost than without the stimulus?  Yeah, about twice as few.  We would be looking at 14% unemployment right now….. but for the stimulus.

Oddly enough, Steele goes on to talk about health care and how it "will cost nearly $1 trillion dollars after ten years of implementation".  Setting aside the overinflation of that figure, Steele then says something odd:

Hold on. Before we wave goodbye to that trillion, maybe we should ask ourselves: If our economy is still struggling next year, shouldn't we invest that trillion bucks into creating jobs? 

Wait a second.  He's now admitting that spending money creates jobs?