I’m So Sick Of “Climategate”

Ken AshfordEnvironment & Global Warming & EnergyLeave a Comment

Let me get this straight.  The email of one British university gets hacked and stolen, and when you cherry-pick the results, it allegedly shows that the scientists "faked" data to make it look global warming was caused by human activity?

Look, assuming all that is true, I would like the proponents of this "gotcha" to answer me one question: What are you saying?  Are you saying that, therefore, the notion that global warming is caused by humans… is false?!?  That the thousands of studies conducted by governments and universities ALL OVER THE WORLD are fake???

Because if you can't claim that, or support, then "Climategate" means nothing.  It's a tempest in a teapot.

That said, Huffington Post has a must-read which demonstrates just how blown up and, yes, manufactured, Climate-gate really is.