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I received this email from Erick Erickson, proprietor of Redstate, the pre-eminent right wing blog:

Today Barack Obama is going to announce that the terrorist mastermind of September 11th, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will be sent to New York City for a criminal trial in a civilian court.

In that trial, the terrorist will get all the rights afforded an American citizen in a criminal trial, including the right to a fair trial, the right to a taxpayer funded attorney, the right to review all the evidence against him, potentially including classified intelligence matters, the right to exclude evidence against him including, potentially, any confession obtained through enhanced interrogation techniques, etc.

So far, so good.  But then, the next paragraph…

At best, this will be a show trial fit not for the American Republic, but a third world kleptocratic totalitarian regime.

Screeeeeeeech — BANG!  ExCUSE me?!?

A fair trial, an attorney, the right to see evidence against him, cross-examine that evidence, etc?  These are earmarks of a trial "not fit for the American Republic?"  These are the kind of things thay have in "a third world kleptocratic totalitarian regime"?!?

Erick needs to read the U.S. Constitution to have a better understanding of the principles of this country.

From The West Wing:

JOSH:  What do you say about a country that gives all kinds of rights and protections to the very people who want to destroy it?

TOBY:  God bless America.

UPDATE:  Nice discussion of Erick Erickson's email over at John Cole

UPDATE:  Bill Kristol gets into the act, too.  Seriously, what is up with the right wing?  They want to have a banana-republic trial (at best), because that's American??

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