Fox News: Worst TV News Ever

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Perhaps some of you are aware of the fact that Jon Stewart — a guy on a comedy channel — last week caught Fox News showing false footage.  In a news story about the Tea Bag rally held by Backmann (attended by a few thousand at best), Fox showed footage of the 9/12 rally (attended by tens of thousands), passing it off as part of the Bachmaan rally.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think they just put two days together and acted like they didn’t,” said Stewart, before going on to present video evidence that that was precisely what they did — including Hannity exclaiming over how many people cared enough about freedom to come down to be heard on a Thursday. Er, Saturday.

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Hannity subsequently apologized for the Fox News "mistake".

But, it happened again, this time on a news program.

Here's a screenshot of the footage of one of the rallies that Fox's Gregg Jarrett showed yesterday and claimed was "just coming into us" as part of the Sarah Palin book tour:


See the "Happening Now" chyron?  Well, not so much.

Here's a photo posted last year by Florida TV station CFNews 13 of a November 1, 2008, Palin rally in Ocala, Florida:


Notice any similarities?

UPDATE:  Fox apologizes (again)….