Breaking News: More Mass Shootings

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In downtown Orlando (Gateway Center, if that means anything to you).  Live local news video fee here.

8 shooting victims.  Shooter not caught.

1:06 pm — Interviewed woman says it was a male disgruntled (fired) co-worker of hers.  Police stopped the interview though.

1:44 pm — Suspect's name is Jason Rodriguez.  He's on the loose, driving a silver Nissan SUV.  One person confirmed dead.  Reynolds Smith & Hills, a design firm, was where the shooting took place, and Rodriguez was laid off there a year or so ago.

2:00 pm — I suspect the shooter will be located dead, having shot himself.

2:09 pm — A blogger names Jason Rodriguez implores his readers: "It's not me!"

2:20 pm — Jason Rodriguez apprehended says Orlando mayor.  Apparently he went to his Mom's house, and she turned him in.