ACORN Madness

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Everyone is talking about this Public Policy Polling survey, and in particular, one particular chunk of data.

1,065 registered voters were asked:


Now… think about this.  One in four registered voters think that ACORN stole the 2008 election for Obama.  What accounts for this oddly high number?


Are you serious?!?

Half of all registered Republicans — that's about 40 million Republicans — are now convinced that ACORN somehow managed to steal an election that McCain lost by seven percentage points???  And another 20 million think they might have stolen it but aren't sure???

And what is the basis for this?  How was ACORN, which aided in registering 1.3 million voters in 2008 (a good portion of which were rejected), able to pull this off?

Look, in 2000, there was a legitimate dispute about who won the presidency, becausethe controversy was centralized on one very close swing state in a very close election.  We had chads, butterfly ballots, and all kinds of things which made it feasible that Bush didn't actually win (which, by the way, he didn't).  But even there, nobody claimed an orchestrated conspiracy conducted by some organization prior to voting.

Yet, that's just what 40 million Repubicans apparently believe now — that ACORN had the massive resources, means, desire, and capability to cause McCain to lose by over 5,000,000 votes.

The GOP rank-and-file is now officially in conspiracy theory, tin foil hat, territory.

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Guess that meme didn't take….

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