About Carrie Prejean’s New Book, “Still Standing”

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1.0 out of 5 stars Inapprpriate Role Model for Young Women, November 11, 2009

Freakshow As a professional working with young women I have to say that this woman is an inappropriate role model for young women no matter how you look at her story. Her book is an example of what not to do to gain respect. Her lack of self awareness and her inability to understand her own manipulative nature clearly suggests a young woman with a disturbing point of view about life and its fairness or lack thereof. Ms. Prejean is 22 years old, has made serious errors in judgment and has yet to do anything at all to be proud of. I would rather she live her life, do something with it and then write a memoir about what she has learned. Rather we see a woman who has very little life experience who has used her body and her sexuality to get where she is today and is now claiming to be pure and Christian. Walk the walk Carrie, then tell us what you have learned. So far you have done nothing but take off your clothes and arouse yourself and your boyfriend while taping it and then not being truthful when participating in of all things, a beauty pageant. Holy Moly girl! What were you thinking and why should anyone consider you a role model? I don't get it.

The book itself is an empty attempt at self glorification with absolutely no real value. It is simply a rip off of consumer's money and a girl's attempt to hold on to another few minutes of false fame.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Standing tall!, November 10, 2009
By  J. Curtis (Baywood Park, CA) – See all my reviews

Carrie speaks from her heart. How God influenced her and changed her life. It's deplorable how the God haters, Christiphobics, and Christian bashers-who never picked up the book-spew their acidic, trashy hate! They're just using this platform to bash! That's wrong. It amazing how these hypocrites expect squeaky clean when their own lives are so riddled with dysfunction. Never the less, the candidness, the honesty, and reality of the story is dead on and exposes the liars for what they really are, starting with the judge who was out to ruin her. This is reality in America. Prejean exposes the liars and sexual trash for what they are. As if she is saying she's glad she is not like them. I, too, am glad. Don't listen to a word of the tripe. This is a success story. You go, girl!!

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This last review by J. Curtis is alarming.  Yes, J Curtis, it is Prejean's critics who are "hypocrites", not the gay-bashing moral Christian who happens to make sex tapes and lies.

[NOTE:  The graphic was stolen from Jesus' General, who has an Amazon review of his own to share].

UPDATE:  Here she is being a prick on Larry King last night:


For what its worth, his question wasn't inappropriate and there never are any confidentiality clauses about WHY people CHOOSE to settle.  She's too stupid, however, to know that, and so she gets all defensive.  (Of course, we know why she chose to settle — because of the sex tape).