Marriage Equality Ad Running in Maine: My Extended Family Version

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This one is special because it stars my in-law's family. 

The woman in this ad, Yolande Dumont (who we all call "Memere") is the mother of my brother-in-law.  She's a pistol.  I haven't seen Raymond (her son) in years, but he's looking well and happy with his partner and their son.

Marital apartheid's days are numbered.  We just have to want it bad enough.

RELATED: Tonight was the world premiere of "The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later" at hundreds of theaters across the country (with the "flagship" production at Lincoln Center – more here).  It was an amazing experience to be part of it (Paper Lantern Theatre here in Winston-Salem was one of three NC theaters taking part; I was the narrator).  The rain kept the audience size a little less than we had hoped, but the 250 or so people were very responsive.  Not very many dry eyes.

This date was the premiere because Matthew Shepard died on October 12.  We haven't progressed much since then.