Headlines That Give Us Pause

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Cruise to trace Titanic's route on centennial of ship's sinking

A memorial cruise is scheduled to set sail 100 years after the sinking of the Titanic, following the same trans-Atlantic route as the ill-fated ship, according to organizers.

The Titanic Memorial Cruise is to set sail in April 2012, departing from Southampton, England, on April 8, just as the Titanic did.


Okay, but at some point, they're going to abandon tracing Titanic's route, right?  And arrive in the States?  Because if they follow Titanic's route all the way, that's going to be pretty sucky.

P.S.  I wonder how many on the Titanic Memorial Cruise are going to go to the ship's bow and do the I'm-King-Of-The-World thing.  It'll probably become annoying after a while.