Falcon Heene

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Genthumb I have a rather bad feeling about this boy trapped in the balloon.

I have a rather bad feeling he is not hiding, but rather, he fell.

And we're going to get all kinds of people making snap judgments about how bad the parents were — before we have any clear evidence that they were negligent.  To blunt those, let me get a few things said.  Accidents happen.  And because they were smart and eccentric and mixed-race (yes, some conservative bloggers think that's relevent) and on Wife Swap, that means nothing.

I suppose we'll know before nightfall.

UPDATE (6:05 pm):  As I'm typing, I was just watching local Colorado news.  They just announced he's been found.  He's alive.  He was in the house, hiding in the attic in the garage in a box.  So much for the house searches earlier today.  Networks will have it shortly.