…. And There Are No Pictures!

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Healthcare reform has focussed on the Senate bill these past few months.  But as we know, there is another important legislative body: the House.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveild the House Democrat health care reform bill today.

And what's the insta-reaction from the conservosphere?  "OMG.  It's 1990 pages long!  That's a mega-mega-bureaucracy!  Like Hitler!"

Okay, first of all, if you are talking about comprehensive reform of the health care system in this country — and Dems are — then of course it is going to be a "big bill".  You can't accomplish real change by nipping at the edges of an issue.

The other thing: if you actually look at the bill, you'll instantly see that it is printed in double-space, with margins actually bigger than the text itself.  Only about 150 words per page.  This post alone would be about two pages!

UPDATE: One thing to like about the Pelosi bill (so far) — it outlaws "domestic violence" as a pre-existing condition to deny coverage.  A short summary is here.