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Just something random I saw:

My child is home today. She will not be forced to endure Obama's speech, given by Obama. I read it, printed it off, and I will discuss it with her. Then as we discuss it, I'll tell her the reasons I did not want Obama or the school district deciding that we HAD to hear it. I'll tell her that at first, he tried to dictate what lesson plans the teachers would use with the speech, but changed it after criticism. I'll explain the fact that Obama is a liar. That he promised to debate health care reform on C-Span, and did not, and that in fact, he had Congress craft a piece of crap with questionable motives, and tried to have it passed before it was read. I''ll explain that he's still trying to pass this bill, despite the fact that the majority do not want it, and that he and his minions would ultimately like to end the insurance that we have, and is paying very well for our health care needs, so that he can cover people who DON'T work as hard as her parents do. I'll explain that he has no credibility, and no leadership skills. That his administration is filled with the kind of people who do not inspire trust, and are very poor leaders. We'll consider the speech, and remark that he's going to give this speech to kids in kindergarten as well as older kids? How many of them are going to understand this drivel? This ultimately boring claptrap coming from a boor? Then I'll tell her that when he says "ask questions", apparently he doesn't mean it, because if you do, you're considered a nut, a terrorist, made fun of, or ostracized. That his administration is full of condescending tools who call the American people names. Then we'll laugh at him. All in all, it's going to be a good day.

One day, God willing, this child-turned-adult will leave her parents, think back on this and say to herself, "MAN, my parents were idiots!"