The Lehman Crash: One Year Later

Ken AshfordCorporate GreedLeave a Comment

We may be seeing the hint of a whiff of the first signs that our economic woes are taking a turn for the better, but what about the long term?  What about the reforms that Obama promised to ensure that Wall Street greed and bungling don't get us into another mess 5, 10, or 20 years down the road?

For my money (literally), the best suggested reform was a consumer protection agency.  Like the ones we have for food and drugs (FDA) and consumer products (CPSC), except that the focus is on financial products.  Yeah, private ratings agencies (it was thought) should do that, but they dropped the ball as well.

So where is it?

Answer: it's coming.  Wall Street will oppose it, and they'll line up the usual suspects to whip the ignorant mobs into a frenzy ("More government regulation!  That's socialism!").  But it has to pass.  It has to.