Supreme Court Cases I’m Following: At A Glance

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Case Summary Where did the case come from?  Government position My position My prediction for outcome
9/9/2009 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Whether to overrule precedents upholding state and federal limits on corporate political spending. D.C. Circuit No No Yes
10/6/2009 U.S. v. Stevens Can the government criminalize selling dogfight videotapes or other depictions of animal cruelty? 3rd Circuit Yes No No
10/7/2009 Salazar v. Buono Can an individual challenge a cross on property the government transferred to a private organization? 9th Circuit No No No
11/2/2009 Jones v. Harris Associates Can an investor challenge a mutual-fund adviser for charging excessive fees? 7th Circuit Yes Yes No
11/3/2009 Hemi Group LLC v. City of New York Can a city use civil RICO lawsuit to collect cigarette taxes? 2nd Circuit N/A No No
11/4/2009 Pottawattamie County, IA v. McGhee May a prosecutor be sued for allegedly using false testimony to win a conviction? 8th Circuit No Yes Yes
11/9/2009 Graham v. Florida Can a juvenile offender be sentenced to life without parole for a non-homicide crime? Florida Supreme Court N/A No No
11/9/2009 Bilski v. Kappos Must a business method patent be tied to a particular machine or apparatus,” or transform something "into a different state or thing," to be valid? Federal Circuit Yes Yes Yes
12/2/2009 Stop the Beach Renourishment Inc. v. Florida Does a state program to replenish eroded beaches for public use unconstitutionally deprive coastal property owners of their private ocean access? Florida Supreme Court N/A No No
Not yet scheduled U.S. v. Comstock Do federal prisons have the authority to hold "sexually dangerous" inmates past their sentences out of fear they will violate state law? 4th Circuit Yes No No
Not yet scheduled American Needle Inc. v. NFL Extent of NFL monopoly over individual team logos 7th Circuit Not yet filed

Teams, not NFL, control team logos Teams, not NFL, control team logos
Not yet scheduled Florida v. Powell Does merely telling the accused that he can "talk to attorney" meet the Miranda rights requirement? Florida Supreme Court N/A No No

NEXT DAY UPDATE:  Add one more — a biggie — to the list:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Supreme Court will decide whether the constitutional right of individuals to own firearms trumps state and local laws, reviving the legal battle over gun rights in America.

The high court said Wednesday it agreed to decide the reach of its landmark ruling last year that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guaranteed an individual right to own guns and use them for lawful purposes like self-defense in the home.

Gun rights cases have been among the country's most divisive social, political and legal issues. The Supreme Court split, in a 5-4 vote, between the conservative and liberal factions, in the 2008 ruling.

The court last year prohibited the federal government from imposing certain restrictions, but it left unclear whether the right also applied to state and local gun control laws.

The Supreme Court said in a brief order it would settle that question by ruling in a dispute over a strict gun control law in Chicago.