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Dear Mary Claire of Walt Disney Productions:

Is that you in the upper-lefthand corner of your response letter, or the lower-righthand corner?

Because apparently, that's how your misogynistic employers see you — as either a rosy-cheeked virgin, or a ugly hunchback witch.

Clearly, they would never acknowledge that a woman can be anything other than those things – and especially not a creative artist.  Women drawing?  Puh-lease.  We all know that women can only trace and color between the lines.

Mary, it's time to wake up.  Your office is full of a bunch of randy dweebs — seven of them I'll bet — who leer at you while they get all red-faced with lust.  What must your day be like?  "Hike up your skirt a little, Mary" they plead, only to respond with hearty hi-ho when you do.   Pigs.

It's an old boys network, and you need to stand up for the sisterhood and say "enough".

And when they dictate a letter like this one, and ask you type it up, you need to throw your steno pad at them and say, "Type it yourself…. or is that too mundane for you 'creative' types who can't get laid?"

And then storm out, tie one on, and sue their chauvanistic asses.

Just a suggestion.


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