Making News…. Literally

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Media Matters has some interesting (and unfortunately non-embeddable) video of Fox News at the 9/12 rally.

Actually, it's two videos.  One is what was telecast — Glenn Beck talking to a reporter on the scene of the D.C. mall during the 9/12 rally.  Beck was saying to the reporter that critics of the rally were saying it was all staged/astroturfed, etc.

The second video is the same thing, but you don't see or hear Glenn Beck.  Instead, you see the reporter, the camera, and the Fox News producer cueing the crowd behind the reporter to cheer.  You know, like it was a studio audience.

That's right — while Glenn Beck was trying to get the message across to the TV viewers that the event was all natural and not-staged, the Fox News TV crew was directing the crowd behind the reporter when to cheer, trying to whip up enthusiasm.

Videos are here.

The news director of the segment was subsequently reprimanded.  In a letter to the entire Fox News staff, the managing director of Fox News had to remind the entire Fox News staff that Fox News exists to cover the news, not create it… which is kind of like the Criminal Defense Division of the American Bar Association sending a memo out saying that criminal defense lawyers are supposed to litigate on behalf of accused people, and not go out and commit crimes themselves.

Seriously, where did these people go to journalism school, and how could Fox hire them?  And retain them after commiting such breaches of journalistic ethics?

Keith Olbermann covered this, as well as the Fox News advertisement which — there's no other way to put it — lied about the facts.