Lots O’ Sex at my Alma Mater

Ken AshfordSex/Morality/Family Values1 Comment

I graduated from Tufts University, as did my sister and brother-in-law.  And my nephew attends it now.

So this caught my eye:

Tufts University, just outside Boston, has issued a new policy for the 2009-2010 school year regarding sexual activity in dorms.

Here's the key update in the revised campus handbook:

You may not engage in sexual activity while your roommate is present in the room.

Any sexual activity within your assigned room should not ever deprive your roommate(s) of privacy, study, or sleep time.

The Boston Herald says the changes came in response to student gripes about "rambunctious roomies and their raunchy romps."

I suspect this is a problem at all universities, not just Tufts.

God, I hope so.