Joe Wilson’s “Special Relationship” With The Obamas

Ken AshfordObama Opposition, RaceLeave a Comment

Joe Wilson, the "You Lie!" guy, went on Fox News Sunday to tell Chris Wallace that he ain't going to apologize for his outburst again, to anyone.

Wallace asked Wilson about Maureen Dowd's op-ed, in which she alleges that Wilson's disrespect for the president was motivated by racism. Wilson came back with a surprising and absurd defense:

I respect President Obama. Actually, there's a relationship in a way … his wife, ah, her family's from Georgetown [South Carolina], ah, my family's from next door, in McClellanville, so I, ah, have a great respect for the president.


Yeah, Michelle Obama's great-great-great grandfather lived in Georgetown, SC…. where he was a slave.

So Wilson's best defense to the accusation that his Obama antagonism is motivated by racism… is that Obama's wife's ancestors grew up in slavery and segregation in the county next to Wilson's.

Chris Wallace didn't have follow up question.