How The Health Care Debate Should Be Discussed

Ken AshfordHealth CareLeave a Comment

This video is boring and wonkish.  It's boring and wonkish because it's detailed and educated.  I'm telling you that right up front because my point is that the health care debate should be boring and wonkish and detailed and educated.

This is Senator Al Franken (D-MN) who was confronted by a loud and angry mob of teabagging anti-reform protesters.  What happened?  They asked him questions, and he answered them.  He showed a grasp of the issues which, quite frankly, the teabaggers didn't have.  But rather than putting them down (or worse, avoiding them), he simply talked frank.

And they didn't have much to say.

I'm not sure he convinces anybody, but even to the teabaggers, they probably see that he is infinitely more knowledgeable than Limbaugh or Beck.