Hey! New Supreme Court!

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Okay.  Most of you know the drill.  Sit still, look at the camera, smile, and shut up.


Kennedy, shut up!  He doesn't want to hear you!  Sonia, can you smile, please?  Clarence, don't slouch.  Geez.  (Every year… the same thing….)

Can someone go see where Ruth is?  Didn't she know… oh, hi there, hun.  Didn't see you back there.  My bad.  How are you feeling?  Fellas, why don't one of you let Ruthie have a chair?


Ok, never mind.  Okay.

Folks, look up here.  Scalia, don't.  Don't do the finger thing behind Alito's head.  It just wastes film.

Okay.  Look at the camera.  The birdie.  Whatever.  Smile.


Okay.  I guess that's the one.  Whatever.  We're done.  Thank you all.

Justice Ginsburg, you can go too.  Ginsburg?  Can someone see if he's alive?