Health Care Alteration Leads To A Guy’s Finger Getting Bitten Off

Ken AshfordHealth CareLeave a Comment

The guy who lost his pinky was opposed to health care reform.  He had verbally assaulted a woman, then started physically assaulting a pro-health care supporter.  The latter fought back.  That's according to this eyewitness account, which adds:

Don’t be fooled by reports ginning up sympathy for that 65-year old guy or worse yet, reports characterizing him as a senior citizen. He was aggressive and ready to mix it up.

I'll bet his government-run health care plan (yes, he was on Medicare) was useful in helping to reattach his finger.

But seriously, folk.  I don't condone violence.  But beating up people because they're in favor of health care reform?  You can't really whine too much when they fight back.

In any event, it seems that this rightwinger lost the fight and the argument!