You Want “Death Panels”? We Got Your Death Panels Right Here!

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Death Panel 1:  A group of bureaucrats take away a woman's fibromyalgia medication because it would be too expensive to cover, leaving her in the lurch to the possibility of horrible nerve pain.  Exhibit A

Death Panel 2:  A miscarriage?  According to the bureaucrats in charge of your health care, miscarriages can be considered 'elective abortions' and if its your body, your choice….YOU PAY!  Exhibit B

Death Panel 3:  Say you're 17 and need a new organ or you'll die.  Well guess what, according to the death panels, you don't get the choice to try to get a new organ, nope, it's too expensive as is your life, so time to pull the plug. Exhibit C

Death Panel 4:  How about cancer?  It seems that there are more and more experimental treatments and possible cures out there, as the research expands and multiplies.  What does the bureaucratic death panel think of that?  Of course, what they always think! You're too expensive to support and instead have a good funeral.  Exhibit D

Death Panel 5:  And how about that Nucking Futz guy at John Dingell's townhall's concerns.  His son could die from these death panels.  And he's right.  The government wants to deny coverage to people's children who suffer from debilitating diseases.  Exhibit E and Exhibit F

Death Panel 6:  These bureaucratic death panels are also crooks.  The death panel wants to steal away ALL of your medicare.  Exhibit G

Death Panel 7:  Part of the problem with these death panels is that to "win", you have to jump through bizarre rules and hoops, that you end up giving up and.or dying.  Exhibit H

Death Panel 8:  Pre-existing condition?  Well courtesy of the bureaucratic death panel, any life saving treatment will be denied, because who wants to save a dirty invalid like you…yeesh…yawn. Exhibit I and Exhibit J

Death Panel 9: The death panel bureaucrats are happy to take your money, but when the time comes that you actually need health care, you'll go to the ER and die off of our dime.  They will make the process so hard for you to figure out, you'll just give up in frustration instead of fighting us.  Exhibit K

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