Watching This Video Will Cause You To Become Dumber

Ken AshfordGodstuff, Youtube1 Comment

Molly had two friends over.  One was Indian (a Hindu), and the other was, in Molly's words, "regular".

Sitting at a kitchen table, Molly and her "regular" friend (Rachel) try to convert their Hindu friend (Saraa) to Christianity.

Their logic is astoundingly breathtaking in its stupidity, even for girls at that age.  For example, Molly points out to her Saraa that she is a Hindu only because she was raised that way, completely unaware that Molly herself is obviously a Christian only because she was raised that way.

Molly then tells Saraa that she only thinks she's Hindu, but she's really Christian.

Of course, one wonders what Molly's perception of Christianity is, as she tells Saraa she can no longer tolerate a non-Christian in her house or in her circle of friends.

All I can say is, God bless Saraa for her patience.

Commenters at YouTube weigh in:

  • This is Fake… No God would allow people this stupid to exist… so totally fake.
  • Molly I was a Christian before I watched this video. Now I'm converting to Hindu.
  • This movie should be required viewing for all American children. Molly and Rachel are the ones on the wrong path. Ignorance and racism are not getting you into heaven.
  • This video made baby Jesus cry.
  • Wow. From the first minute, I think I could feel my brains melting out of my ears from the sheer mega epic stupidity in this video. How do people like Molly even tie their shoes in the morning?
  • I feel sorry for Sara too, but not for the same reason. She was more of a lady and ironically more of a Christian than you two will ever be. She showed grace and patience with two people who pretended to be her friends, but who were really trying to show off to the world what "good christians" they are. You're not supposed to be doing it for attention, sweetheart. In fact, Jesus himself advised people to do good acts in secret. (Don't let the left hand know what the right is doing)
  • Molly, you are a disgrace. Honestly? Not wanting to be friends with Saraa just because you "can't be around" a Hindu? Her God & our God are one in the same. It's sick how other people view other religions as wrong through the lens of their own religion and then proceed to force their beliefs upon the other peoples. God wants us to love one another, regardless. Saraa was trying very hard to be appeasing under your attack of her religion. Shame on you Molly.
  • If the golden rule is do unto others as you would have them do unto you, you apparently want your beliefs ridiculed mercilessly. Please stay away from things you don't understand like religion, ethnicity, and apparently basic geography.