U.S. Attorneys Vindicated

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The U.S Attorney hiring/firing scandal was a big issue in the latter years of the Bush presidency.  I blogged about it often.

Basically, it was this: The Department of Justice hired and fired U.S. attorneys based not on their merit, but on political considerations, thus politicizing the DOJ.  The Bush White House, and Karl Rove in particular, denied any involvement.

Then the 2009 election came along, and the issue seemingly went away.

But it didn't.  There was still an investigation going on in the House of Representatives.  Karl Rove and Harriet Miers, who had ducked the subpeonae (citing executive privilege) while they were in office, no longer were able to duck the subpeonae.

And with this week's release of documents, we now know the truth.  The White House was heavily involved in the hiring and firing of U.S. attorneys, with the criteria being — not merit — but loyalty to Bush politics.

For the fired (Democratic) U.S. attorneys, there is vindication.