Theatre News: Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal To Star In “Rent” For Another Fifteen Years

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The Broadway national tour of Rent starring Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal will continue into at least January 2025.

When the tour launched this past January with original stars Adam Pascal as Roger, Anthony Rapp as Mark and Gwen Stewart as the "Seasons of Love" soloist, dates had only been announced to August.

The tour's website now reveals dates to Jan. 21, 2025. has learned that the headliners are on board. Producers suggest that the tour's end date is tentative, and may continue for years, or even decades, beyond 2025.

Rapp and Pascal perform
"La Vie Boheme"
"I'm really glad to be doing this forever," said Rapp, sipping on prune juice.  "It's an important groundbreaking landmark in musical theater history, and it is the highlight of my career to be associated — every single day for the rest of my natural life — with it."

Some minor adjustments have been made to the choreography to accomodate Pascal's wheelchair, but otherwise, the staging remains almost true to the original production which premiered on Broadway on April 29, 1996.

Jonathan Larson's groundbreaking, Tony Award-winning, Pulitzer Prize-honored stage musical about 20-something artists and lovers struggling for connection and expression in the age of AIDS was turned into a movie musical about 30-something artists and lovers struggling for connection and expression in the age of AIDS.  Rapp and Pascal starred in the film adaptation as well.

The current tour production is about 40-something artists and lovers, along with 20-something artists and lovers, struggling for connection and expression in the age of AIDS.

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