The “2009 Future of American Health Survey” Sent Out By The Republican National Committee

Ken AshfordHealth Care1 Comment

Here it is, in pictures (click to embiggen):



My answers:

1.  Yes

2.  Cost, but quality and availablility are right up there.

3.  Does it concern you that this survey contains biased and loaded questions?

4.  "It has been suggested…."?  By who?  Anyone with credibility and/or reason to know?  Or just by partisan hacks?  [NOTE:  This bit about Democrats using voter registrations to determine who gets health care and who doesn't sounds like nutty fringerism, doesn't it?  Sound like something you might hear from Glenn Beck.  But this is coming from the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITEE!!]

5.  Um…. are you asking me if the only people who should get health care are people who can pay for some or all of it?  If so, my answer is "No".

6.  Yes, health care decisions should be made by me and my doctor.  I don't think there is much qualitative difference between government bureaucrats making those decisions, and insurance bureaucrats making those decisions, except that government bureaucrats don't have the profit motive guiding them, so they're more inclined to do the right thing by the patient.  Also, we can DO something about government bureaucrats.  No box for that?

7.  No.  I think we need a special tax on those making over $1,000,000 per year.

8.  Satisfactory.

9.  The Democrat's plan doesn't call for "socialized medicine".  That said, no.  Oh, and by the way….

10.  Only if those "tax breaks" will actually be used to cover the cost of health insurance for their employers, and they are not tax breaks for the sake of tax breaks.  But I have a better way for small businesses to save money.  Let the government provide health insurance instead of them.

11.  Sure.

12.  We're already into the August recess, idiots.

13.  No.  Do you believe it is right for Republicans to beat their wives and then have sex with goats?


A spokesperson for the Republican National Committee is conceding that a mailing was “inartfully worded” in suggesting that health care reform could empower a Dem-controlled health care rationing system to discriminate against Republicans by depriving them of treatment.

"Inartfully worded"?  You think?!?