Stewart vs. The Originator of the “Euthanasia For Granny” Myth

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Jon Stewart is best when he stops being a comedian and just talks reason.  Betsy McCaughey, the first who equated end-of-life planning with government-influenced euthanasia, went on the Daily Show to make her case.

Rather than trading barbs, the two of them actually discussed the house bill which supposedly supports the whole "death panel" meme.  (McCaughey never suggested, and in fact denies, that the bill creates "death panels", but her original concerns about the bill were morphed into "death panels" by Palin and the rightwing media).

It was as astounding as it was educational.  Two people, with the bill literally in front of them, reading from passage of the bill and discussing what it meant.

McCaughey made a big mistake by walking in carrying a big binder, which she said was only half of the House health care reform bill.  I guess she thought it gave her the air of authority.  The problem for her was, when she starting saying that the bill would lead to euthanasia, all Stewart had to say was "Show me where".  As she flipped through to find the section which supposedly supported her, she asked if Stewart had read the bill.  Stewart responded that he knew the section she was searching for, and yes, in fact, he had read it and there's no way it says what she says it says.  He later demonstrated his working knowledge of the bill, trumping her at every turn.

Watch it if you get a chance.

For what's its worth, she was no match for Stewart.