Scenes From Yesterday’s (and Today’s) Town Hall Protests

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And up in Alaska…

And earlier today, at Spector's rally in Pennsylvania…

And here's how Fox News' Megyn Kelly interpreted what you just saw:

"And there you have it. An extraordinary showing out of Pennsylvania. As we watched for the past hour non-stop, an informed, articulate, and very concerned group of American people take their questions directly to their elected representative, Senator Arlen Specter, who they attempted to put on his heels with some very tough questioning. This is American democracy at work. This will not provide fodder for those who describe these folks as angry mobs or dismiss them as un-American. It will however provide a lot of fodder for debate."

Oh, really?

And also, Rep. David Scott (D-GA) had a wildly contentious town hall meeting last week.  Today, he discovered that his district office in Smyrna, Georgia, was vandalized with a four-foot swastika.