Sarah and Todd Palin To Get Divorced?

Ken AshfordElection 20121 Comment

Normally, I wouldn't take notice of an "exclusive breaking" story reporter by a blogger, but The Immoral Minority, and Alaskan blog did beat out the regular media by first reporting that Palin was McCain's VP pick, and it did beat out the regular miedia by first reporting that Palin was resigning.  So the guy, who works as an assistant teacher in a kindergarden, apparently has some connections.  And now he writes:

According to my source, Sarah is finished with Todd and has decided to end their marriage.

She has purchased land in Montana (I wonder whose donations paid for that?), and may be considering moving herself and the children as far away from Alaska as she can get.

Do you remember all of that talk about her missing wedding ring during the three part going away picnics? Well it turns out that ring now sleeps with the fishes. Apparently in a fit of anger Sarah stripped the ring from her finger and tossed it into a lake.

The Palins are not happy:

Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, wrote a letter to the blogger, asking "if you want to be served with the summons and complaint at the kindergarten where you assist or at your residence."

Gryphen laughed off the threat, telling Alaska Report, "Nothing that I wrote in my post was meant to be malicious. I trust my source and simply reported what I had been told.
Threatening to serve legal papers to an educator in a room full of five year olds? Now that is malicious."

Palin's spokeswoman issued a statement denying the divorce story on Saturday.

To be continued….