Obama In Montana

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I just went over to MSNBC where they were livestreaming Obama's town hall going on in Montana.

It started up as Obama was saying this:

"I don't want — let's be clear — I don't want government bureaucrats meddling with your health decisions.  but I don't want health insurance bureaucrats meddling with your health decisions either."

Wild applause.  30 seconds, I'll bet.

That's the message we need to hear more.

UPDATE: I really think he's kicking ass on the Q&A.  A rough-n-ready Second Amendment-loving guy challenged Obama on how he was going to pay for this reform and still not raise taxes.  Obama's answer was simple and cogent and honest.  He said that he wouldn't raise taxes, but he would cut deductions for people over making $250,000.  he acknowledged that that is effectively raising taxes, but again, only on the wealthiest.  And then he defended why it should be the rich who bear the burden.  A paraphrase:

Some say, I don't care, no more taxes. I respect that. But the truth is, we gotta get over that we can have something for nothing. That's how we got into debt in first place. [big applause] Bush passed prescrip. drug bill… price tag was 100s of billions. We didn't pay for it. It got added on to deficit/debt. It amuses me sometimes when I hear opponents yell about how we can't afford this, when we're proposing to pay for it, but Bush didn't. [he never said "Bush"].