Obama Be Killing Us All, Like The Nazis

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One of my favorite Renew America columnists, Marie Jon, has taken on Obamacare.  You know it's going to be fun just from the title:

Obama's Advance Care Planning: code words for 'euthanasia'

Get it?  "Code words".  He doesn't come right out and say "euthanasia", because that would be too obvious.  Marie explains:

President Barack Obama has proposed that every American's medical records be set before mindless bureaucrats who will determine their fate. The eyes of scrutiny have been set into motion, and the American public had best beware. This is not about healthcare, or a choice to keep your private medical plan or doctor. It is out-and-out trickery and is evil, and the effects could be devastating.

So far, she's doing a voiceover for some horror film trailer.  But is it scary enough?  No, apparently not:

Let us not forget what happened just prior to implementation of the Nazis' "Final Solution." They established a policy of direct medical killing. They arranged the means through medical channels whereby their medical decisions were carried out by doctors and their assistants. They called their program euthanasia. The word was mere camouflage; it was the murder of innocent people.

Right, the Nazi called it "euthanasia", but it was actually murdering innocent people.  Those clever Nazis.  

These diabolical murderers of the Nazi era based their justification for direct medical killing on the simple concept that certain people are unworthy of life. They put together protocols by which they carried out their principle. Eventually they would kill impaired children and adults.

Not to mention millions of unimpaired children and adults, but that's just nitpicking on my part.

By the way, three paragraphs into an article critical of Obama's health plan, and 66% of it is Nazi references.  Reductio ad Hilterum much?

If ObamaCare is passed, the same insidious protocols — "Advance Care Planning" — will be set into place to cut the cost of his massive government healthcare program. Our senior citizens will receive mandated appointments for counseling that will determine if they receive minimal medical treatment or are told to go home and die. They will be offered assistance and instructions on how to take their own lives.

Actually, the section Marie is referring to is entitled "Advance Care Planning Consultation" — Marie simply left off the last word because it doesn't jibe with her position that it will offer "instructions on how to take their own lives".  I would call that "deceptive", wouldn't you?

In fact, if you read the damn thing – something that Marie, the self-described "Renew America analyst" hasn't done — you would be hard-pressed to find anything that remotely suggests that people are "told to go home and die".

Oh, that's right.  Obama is using "code words":

Conservative talk radio and writers for the new media have been in the forefront, warning their fellow countrymen about the true character and nature of this "historic presidency." As bad as things appeared when Obama was elected, no one could have possibly foreseen this coming. Advance Care Planning is code words for a mandated medical death sentence.

I guess it is pretty easy to criticize anybody's health care plan or policy if you take the position that the words they use don't mean what they normally mean.

Maybe, for example, "Marie Jon, RA analyst" is code for "Marie Jon, lunatic wingnut who doesn't bother to research what she's writing about, but who merely mimics conservative talk show jocks and other conservative think tanks who are heavily funded by the insurance industry".  It's all code words here, people.

The Democrat Party is willing to give to a cold and calculating president the power to say who lives and dies. The radicalized party has sold out their countrymen and granted Obama as much latitude to please his unquenchable anger towards America as he sees fit.

Yes, that's it.  It's all a big plot by 60% of Americans to kill themselves.  And Obama is going to spend the rest of his presidency behind the Oval Office desk creating to piles of papers: those who live, and those he'll kill.

Betsy McCaughey, a former Lt. Governor of New York State, and a prominent patient advocate, is an outspoken critic of the health bills being pushed through Congress. She has indicated that what is tucked away in the President's HealthCare bill must be fully exposed.

Yes, Betsy McCaughey.  For those of you who don't know or remember, she blasted the part of Obama's stimulus bill a few months back, saying it created "one new bureaucracy, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology." McCaughey further claimed that the national coordinator "will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective." She highlighted the word "guide" from the stimulus legislation, writing: "The goal is to reduce costs and ‘guide’ your doctor’s decisions."

Unfortunately, McCaughey showed her true idiocy, by not realizing that the "National Coordinator of Health Information Technology" was not created by Obama.  The office has been in existence for nearly five years. In fact, it was President Bush who created it by executive order in April 2004.  And that "guide" language in the new law was virtually identical to the language in Bush's executive order in 2004.

This is the person that Marie Jon looks up to as an "expert" to criticize Obama's health care plan.

It is time that the men and women in our legislative halls call this man out for who he is. Michael Steele, Chairman of the GOP National Committee, must speak out immediately.

Every Republican in the House and Senate should be on the steps of the White House decrying the president's insane policies which will — make no mistake — include the act of euthanasia. He must be stopped immediately. This is no longer a question of "politics as usual."

But it is "hysteria as usual".

One wonders what Marie Jon will do if Obama's health care plan comes to pass, and it turns out that elderly people aren't told that the must die.  What will Marie Jon do then?  Apologize?  Admit she was wrong?  Stop writing columns because of her shame and embarrassment?

I doubt it.

Let's jump to Marie's closing paragraphs:

From the very beginning, Obama has been as a demigod — fraudulently usurping as much power as he can. Why anyone is kowtowing to him at this point is a question we should be asking our congressional representatives. In no wise has this well-dressed and well-spoken Chicago street organizer given us a moment of peace since he assumed the Oval Office through clever deception. Enough is enough.

We have reached a critical turning point when we cannot trust the President of the United States to tell us the truth. In too many instances, he has become a double-talking, bald-faced liar.

I respectfully suggest that the one committing deception is the one claiming that Obama wants to kill Americans — with nothing other than blind conjecture to support that claim.  And who can't even properly report the correct name of the very law she's criticizing: Advance Care Planning Consultation.

Okay, maybe "deception" isn't what's operating in Marie's mind.  Maybe it's just the absence of common sense.  Or, put bluntly, stupidity.