North Carolina Perspective On Obama

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Perhaps some of my friends up north don't understand why I blog so often about the birthers.  And that might be because the birther movement truly is fringe up north.

But not here in North Carolina.

According to a Public Policy Poll released yesterday,  only 24% of self-identified Republican voters in North Carolina believe Barack Obama was born in the United States.  47% do not believe that Obama is American born, and 29% of Republicans aren’t sure.  I'll spare you the math, but that means that 900,000 Republicans in North Carolina don’t think the president of the United States is legitimate, or aren’t sure about the matter.

That's why I write about it.  Because I'm knee-deep in stupid.

Now, certainly not ALL Republicans in North Carolina are stupid.  Not really really stupid  After all, according to the same poll, 7% of those who voted for John McCain do not believe Hawaii to be a part of the United States.  A further 4% weren't sure.  That means that one out of every ten North Carolinian Republicans can't say for sure whether Hawaii is part of the United States.

I can see now why Republicans are against improving education in this state.  Because if people got smarter, then Republicans would lose more elections.