New Birther Poll Shows A Weird Mix Of Ideology And Ignorance

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From Public Policy Polling:

After we conducted polls over the last couple of weeks finding significant numbers of 'birthers' in North Carolina and Virginia, we decided to take the question national but also drum down more specifically on where exactly the people who think Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States do think he's from.

Oh, this should be good.

The answer is that 62% of Americans think Obama was born here, while 24% think he was not and 14% are unsure.

Okay.  So 38% can't say for sure if Obama was born in America.  So….  where do they think he was born?

10% of the country thinks that he was born in Indonesia, 7% think he was born in Kenya, and 1% think he was born in the Philippines.

That makes 18%.  What about the other 20%?  Where do they think Obama was born if not in America, Indonesia, Kenya, or the Phillipines?

Some people who correctly believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, but… don't consider Hawaii to be part of the United States. You read that right- 6% of poll respondents think that Hawaii is not part of the country and 4% are unsure.

Shoot. Me. Now.

These people don't vote, right?  PLEASE tell me they don't vote.

And as for the remaining 10%?  Who knows?  THEY certainly don't.

So who ARE these people?  Of the 38% who can't say for sure if Obama was born in Hawaii which is part of America….

-62% are Republicans, 20% are Democrats, and 18% are independents
-57% are conservatives, 33% are moderates, and 9% are liberals
-56% are men, 44% are women
-86% are white, 7% are Hispanic, 4% are black, and 3% are other races

Well, I'm generally concerned about the state of education in this country.  Frankly, the Democrat count is higher than I expected.