Meet Katy Abrams

Ken AshfordHealth Care4 Comments

I like this interview between Larry O'Donnell (former advisor to Bill Clinton, former co-producer of The West Wing [as well as actor portraying the father of Jed Bartlet], and son of JFK advisor Ken O'Donnell who Kevin Costner played in Thirteen Days, a movie about the Cuban Missle Crisis) and, on the other side, Katy Abram (protester at a town hall rally in Pennsylvania).

Katy Abram is, I honestly believe, representative of a significant number of anti-healthcare protesters.

She is not loud.

She is not obnoxious.

She is no arrogant.

In fact, she is perfectly sweet.

But she is, sadly, very very misinformed.  She even admits, in so many words, that she doesn't know what she's talking about.

O'Donnell handles this interview politely, but he doesn't let her off the hook.  Very civil, tjhis clip.  His questions are right on target.  In fact, the questions often answer themselves, and he allows her ignorance to shine through…. politely.


I think Katy Abrams is the poster child for many of the anti-health care protesters.

Is she reachable?  Can she be educated?

I don't know.