Can I Tap That?

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The latest phone craze is too text a friend asking "So when can I tap that?"

It's gotten so popular that there's now a whole website devoted to the questions (and responses).

Some examples:

Me: Hey, when are you gonna let me tap that?
Her: Now?
Me: You sounds uncertain.
Her: Damnit Now! … better?
Me: I'm literally outside your door.

Me: Hey gurlll
Her: Yo.
Me: When you gonna let me tap dat?
Her: Oh dear.
Her: I can't really talk now, I'm running errands.
Me: Sexy errands?
Her: Um what? No.

Me: Hey when you gonna let me tap that?
Her: When you have enough money to afford me
Me: Do you take credit?

Me: Ay, when you gonna let me tap that?
Me: Sweet!
Him: You know lady gaga is a hermaphodite?
Me: Oh god lol, no?
Him: Yeah lol google it
Me: Oh dear. Well, that was a weird turn for the conversation to take.

Me: Hey
Her: Sup?
Me: Just wondering when your gonna let me tap that.
Her: Lol What got in to you
Me: Nothing just wondering
Her: Ok
Me: Sooo?
Her: Well first off I'm married, we live in different states and my ex is your best friend.
Me: Well that just killed the mood.

Her: God I keep having the worst day ever. **** just threw a cup of water at me.
Me: I have a question that could cheer you up.
Her: I doubt it.
Me: When you gonna let me tap dat?
Her: God this day just keeps getting worse and worse.

Me: So when are you going to let me tap that?
Her: Never.
Me: Well that wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.

Me: yo short stack, when u gunna let me tap that?
Her: I refuse to respond to such a primitive comment.
Me: Alright, how about we progress our DNA coding together so to help evolution along?

Me: Ay, when you gonna let me tap that?
Her: Omg what?!?!
Her: Tonight.
Her: Was that to another girl asshole
Me: No, it's for a website

Me: Can I tap that?
Him: huh?
Me: Some website told me to ask you.
Him: Okay; well tell it I said that I would be happy to have you tap it.