A Pox On Both Houses?

Ken AshfordHealth Care, Obama & Administration, Right Wing Punditry/Idiocy1 Comment

Barney Frank took a protester to task after she refered to Obama's "Nazi" health care reform.  He asked the woman "on what planet" does she live, and said that trying to have a serious discussion with her about health care would be like talking to a dining room table.

Now, comes the tut-tut of the conservative media.  How both sides are engaging in uncivil discourse…

… as if there is no difference between (1) mobs of shouting angry conservatives, many of them playing the Nazi/facism card, some of them carrying guns and (2) the rare pushback against those mobs (like Barney Frank's response).

Sure, uncivility can be found on both sides, but how about a little perspective on the degree and frequency?